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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

First job . . .

Most of us revealed our first job to be a supermarket girl or shop assistant and Chris up-staged us all by throwing around names like Joan Collins!! With that in mind I'll leave her 1st job till last . . .

My 1st job was as a an assistant in the coffee shop in Tesco after school.  Little did I know at the time I would end up back with Tesco's much later on in my carreer path as a Customer Service Manager.  I really enjoyed my time as a coffee shop 'dolly' and had a fantastic social life while I was there and gained the nickname 'Lucky'.  I had to wear a red spotty dress which was not at all flattering! Chris and I told each other funny stories about our 1st jobs. Apart from how hideous my uniform was most of my funny stories involved alcohol after work and are unprintable for the general public! Was I really that young once?

The most memorable thing about my 1st job was some of our customers won the lottery through a syndicate and I had got the ticket for them, which they repaid me for with a bottle of wine (I was hoping for more but hey wines good when your 18). It was a group of older ladies (we nicknamed them the golden girls) that used to come in once a week and take over about 3 tables and have tea, cake and a gossip. I remember the lottery had not been going very long and they asked me to help them fill in the ticket thingy's (the ones you squabble a little mark in). To 'save' their legs they sent me off to the kiosk with the slips and the money to get the tickets. About 3 weeks later one of them came back and was holding a bottle of wine. I said 'hello stranger you and the golden girls haven't been in for a while' and she beamed from ear to ear and said they'd won the lotto!! I don't remember exactly how much they had won but it was something like £20,000 each! I didn't see much of them after that they probably upgraded to tea at the Ritz!!

Ros said 'My first full time job was as a sales assistant for J Lewis, working in the coats and co-ordinates department  (it sounds so old fashioned now!) I was pretty hopeless especially on the till, which was not sophisticated like they are now!'

Chris said her first job was at Phillip Kingsley's hair clinic. She used to massage follicles! Lol this apparently promotes better hair growth.  The clientele were the rich and famous and she has had her hands on Joan Collins and  Simon Sainsbury's follicles!!!  She told me a funny story of how she woke up one morning and her alarm hadn't gone off so she rushed around and got ready for work in10 minutes. She ran down the road to the tube station past a building site and when she got to the station it was closed.  She asked someone why the station was closed and they told her it was Sunday (it must have been a long time ago for a station to be closed on a Sunday). She walked back home past the building site, which she noticed on the way back home was deserted.  When she got home and told her family they couldn't stop laughing and her mum pointed out it was lucky she hadn't gone to work because in her rush she had put odd shoes on!!

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