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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tesco testimonials . . .

Our coaches have worked for Tesco and helped train and coach hundreds of Executives, Directors, Store Managers and leadership teams through out the company to help them reach their full potential.  Read what some of them have to say about us . . . .

“The ability to gain full attention, encourage full participation and, later, to enable the team to speak their innermost thoughts and beliefs, is certainly a gift that Chris (Laney) has in abundance.  

My entire management team has really benefited from the time spent with Chris (Laney).”  
Store Manager

“Chris’s (Laney) amazing warm personality made me feel instantly as though I had known her for years, trust her completely and would confide in her about anything and I could list many of my colleagues who felt the same.

Although it was a group session I felt that she drew the most out of everyone by giving us the individual encouragement we needed to participate fully”  
Wage Clerk

“Personal coaching has enabled me to identify what is really important to me and understand how I can use this to make me happier and more fulfilled. I have been able to apply this to all areas of my life and seen immediate results. As a result of the coaching I now have a better understanding of myself and I am learning skills so that I can continue to develop and work towards achieving my personal goals”   
Telecoms Manager

“I found my coaching experience really helpful. It allowed me to talk confidentially about issues which were affecting me personally and my work life. It gave me a chance to hear ‘a voice of reason’ and to be given helpful tips on how to improve my situation by giving me other avenues to explore. It improved my confidence, made me a bit braver by making me aware of the comfort zone and stretch zone’ 
 Operations Manager

“It has been good to have a sounding board for me that I can trust to be completely confidential and with someone impartial. Ros (Draper) makes you feel comfortable with awkward questions, and tends to know the right questions to ask to gently draw things out of you! It has helped me see past things which have felt at times like huge barriers. I would recommend personal coaching to everyone.”  
Team Leader

"Ros (Draper) is a highly professional practitioner who has worked successfully with hundreds of managers. She is creative, inspiring and passionate about enabling others to learn and enrich their self awareness. She believes that all people are full of potential and this underpins her 
transformational work with teams and in individual coaching." 
Leadership Development Manager

“This is one of the best pieces of training I have had and I think that is because of Chris (Laney), her patience, very caring nature, sense of humour and ability to make people comfortable” 
Team Leader 

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

How's our performance?? . . .

'Positive Change provided the most professional and pertinent training that a business could want. They delivered group and one to one sessions adapting to the business' needs and we look forward to welcoming them back'

Queens Theater, Hornchurch