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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What is scrapbooking?

The dictionary defines a scrapbook as:

"a blank book in which miscellaneous items (as newspaper clippings or pictures) are collected and preserved."

I used to think of scrapbook making as something I did as a kid on bright sugar paper which you stuck old ticket stubs and news paper clippings to with pva glue.  This was until my very creative friend handed me a gorgeous scrapbook album she had made for me after my son was born! 

My eyes where opened to a whole new world of creative craft where I could lose myself for hours and it was a unique way to document my life and also my son's progress and display some of my favourite family photographs.

This style of scrapbook making originated in the United States, which is why we refer to it as American Style Scrapbooking.  Modern day scrapbooking retains some of the original elements, such as preserving precious memories, but focuses on the important elements of safety and longevity, journaling, and creative expression.

When I say safety I refer to to all the things that overtime can ruin your photo's or ticket stubs such as sugar paper, tape and pva glue. All of which can make your photo's yellow, fade, and deteriorate over time.  When scrapbooking it is important to use acid free products, which are widely available both on the high street and online from Hobby Craft, The Works, QVC and many other craft supply stores.

Journaling means documenting important information alongside your photos so in the years to come your children will be able to answer their children’s questions like 'where was this photograph taken?', 'how old were you I'm this picture?' or even 'who is in this picture?'.  Sometimes it can really give your scrapbook meaning to attach your thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the picture. Here is an example of journaling:

Creative expression is one of the most important elements of modern day scrapbooking and may be the most fun aspect of the whole process.  It can take you back in time to reminisce over your photo's and transport you back to your 'blue-peter' day's as a kid when you had more glitter, glue and sticky back plastic on you than on your project!   I must admit that adding all embellishments and decorative elements to each page is my favourite part and I am a terrible hoarder of anything that glitters!  

Scrapbooking can be done by people of all ages and ability can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be.  My son enjoys creating his own pages about things that are important to him as you can see from this from this page he created, with a little help from mum, when he was 5.

During our Treasured Memories project we are hoping that through teaching delegates all the different elements of mordern day scrapbooking, giving them some new life skills and a chance to share stories and life experiences with others they will become more confident and start the process of creating a  treasured and precious family heirloom, with a personal family history like no other.

We would like to invite older residents in the borough to take part in our first group who will be meeting at Eastbury Manor House, Barking every Wednesday from 2-5pm from the 26th of March 2013.

Each week we will ask attendee's to bring in a photograph on a particular theme to reminisce over, teach them how to create a simple scrapbook page to display their photograph on, give them the tools to help improve confidence and self-awareness. 

If you would like to take part in this project or know somebody in your community that would benefit from taking part please get in touch!!  To find out more about the health and therapeutic benefits of reminiscence click here and craft activities click here.


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