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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Treasured Memories Project

We had some fantastic news just before Christmas to say we had been successful in securing funding from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham's Innovation Fund for our Treasured Memories Project. We have been beavering away getting things set up and recruiting volunteers and finally this week we secured our venue and dates for our first group!

The aim of the Treasured Memories Project is to create a social group for isolated older people in the borough where they can come together, socialise, share life experiences and learn some new skills. We hope to achieve this through giving people simple life skills to improve their self-confidence, a place to meet new people and make friends, a chance to look back and celebrate on their past achievements, help them set new goals and look forward to the future and learn the art of American style scrapbooking.

We would like to invite older residents in the borough to take part in our first group who will be meeting at Eastbury Manor House, Barking every Wednesday from 2-5pm from the 26th of March 2014.

Each week we will ask attendee's to bring in a photograph on a particular theme to reminisce over, teach them how to create a simple scrapbook page to display their photograph on, give them the tools to help improve confidence and self-awareness.

The dates, themes and aims of each session are as follows:

Session 1: 26th March @ Eastbury Manor House 2-4pm
Theme: Getting To Know You
Attendees should bring a photograph of themselves either as a baby/child or how they look now. If attendees are unable to find a photograph of this nature we can take a photograph or find a picture of something that reminds them of their child hood.
· To create a welcoming and supportive environment
· To help the group to get to know everyone and make new friends
· To introduce the art of American Style Scrapbooking
· To introduce a process for self-reflection which will be revisited weekly called the ‘wheel of life’

Session 2: 2nd April @ Eastbury Manor House 2-4pm
Theme: Friendship
Attendees should bring a photograph of their best friend or them with a group of friends. If attendees are unable to find a photograph of this nature we can find a picture that reminds them of their best friend or something they like/liked doing with their friends
· To learn how we can improve communication with others
· To see how we can strengthen the relationships/friendships we already have through better communication
· To find out what can stop us from keeping in touch with our old friends and how we can re-connect with them

Session 3: 9th April @ Eastbury Manor House 2-4pm
Theme: Travel
Attendees should bring a photograph of themselves on holiday or their favourite holiday destination or dream holiday destination. If attendees are unable to find a photograph of this nature we can find a picture of their favourite holiday resort/destination or their dream holiday destination.
· To look at the barriers that can stop us from doing the things we want, like going on holiday
· To look at ways to overcome these barriers

Session 4: 16th April @ Eastbury Manor House 2-4pm
Theme: Family Values
Attendees should bring a photograph of a memorable family celebration such as Christmas or a wedding.  If attendees are unable to find a photograph of this nature we can find a picture to represent their favourite family celebration or tradition in their family.
· Look at the ups and downs in life and what it teaches us and how it shapes our values
· Discuss different family values and traditions
· Learn what feelings are associated with being comfortable and how we can stretch ourselves

Session 5: 23rd April @ Eastbury Manor House 2-4pm
Theme: Hobbies and Interests
Attendees should bring a photograph of themselves taking part in a past or present hobby/interest. If attendees are unable to find a photograph of this nature we can find a picture to represent a past hobby/interest or something they enjoy doing in their spare time.
· To explore our strengths and weaknesses and how we can play to our strengths and overcome our weaknesses

Session 6: 30th April @ Eastbury Manor House 2-4pm
Theme: Plan, Do and Review
· Plan: A show and tell celebration event to invite friends and family to see finished scrapbooks
· Do: Finish any outstanding scrapbook pages
· Review: What we have learnt and how we are feeling

Session 7: To be held on date and at the venue of Groups choice
Theme: Group Celebration

All materials, tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. 


If you would like to take part in this project or know somebody in your community that would benefit from taking part please get in touch!!  To find out more about the health and therapeutic benefits of reminiscence click here and craft activities click here.  We will be blogging and explaining what American style scrapbooking is next week so watch this space for a link!


CHRIS – 020 8590 7844 OR 07947724977
LUCY – 07841640116
EMAIL – TM@positivechangeconsultancy.com

For Volunteer opportunities please click here.

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