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Monday, 10 February 2014

Get crafty and stay healthy!

As part of our Treasured Memories Project we are using Reminiscence and Crafting, through American Style Scrap-booking, to create a social group for isolated older residents in Barking and Dagenham to come together, socialise, share life experiences and learn new skills.

The projects initial stage is to give attendees renewed self-confidence, a platform to meet new people and re-connect with the community in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Reminiscing and Arts and Crafts activities have surprising health benefits, which is one of the reasons we decided to use both mediums in the project.  I have already blogged about the therapeutic benefits associated with Reminiscence and thought it was only fair to also share the benefits of doing Arts and Crafts activities!!

Many people find that taking part in arts and crafts activities is both rewarding and relaxing, it not only exercises physical skills but also reduces stress and enhances well being and self esteem.  It provides a sense of accomplishment and pride that triggers positive feelings and promotes a can-do attitude toward other situations. A study carried out by researchers at the University of Glasgow in 2011 concluded that arts and crafts aid emotional well-being to an extent that more active pursuits such as sports cannot, especially amongst older people. 

In addition to a fun and creative leisure experience, there are many therapeutic benefits of crafts such as:
  • Increased cognitive functioning
  • Increased self expression and decision making skills
  • Increased or maintenance of fine motor skills
  • Improved Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills
  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination
  • Increased self esteem and emotional well-being
  • Increased opportunity for empowerment and self expression
  • Increased socialisation
Here are a few hints and tips to help you tap into the healing power of arts and crafts:

Find an art or craft you love! Passion for your Art or Craft keeps you interested

2) Make time for your art or craft. Try to dedicate at least an hour a week to your art or craft, don't think of this time as a self-indulgence, but a medical necessity. It is important for everybody to have some me time.

3) Create a space of your own. Set up a dedicated craft space in your home rather than occasionally commandeering the dining-room table. By doing so, you can craft whenever you have a few moments to spare. Put your craft supplies in a basket or in the car, or take over part of a room or office. Just try to find a space that is yours alone.

4) Take a class to advance your skills. An added bonus: You’ll have a chance to socialise and meet like minded people. 

5) Find flow. crafts can be ‘all-absorbing’ and help people to attain a state that psychologists call ‘flow’ in which all worries are discarded and the hours fly by. The main benefits of arts and crafts is that those doing them have complete control over the difficulty level of the tasks that they choose to take on. Research has demonstrated that the goals that people set themselves tend to be the most satisfying for them to achieve, meaning that creating something that you are proud of can improve your levels of mental well-being.

6) Enjoy it. You don't have to be a perfectionist.  You want your craft to challenge you, but you don't want it to drive you crazy. Enjoy the process and give yourself permission to be imperfect or you may end up negating the health-promoting benefits of crafting.

To find out how you can take part in our first Treasured Memories reminiscence and scrapbook group being held at Eastbury Manor House for seven weeks from the 26th of March (2-4pm) please contact us:

Chris Laney - 07947724977

Lucy Andrew - 07861640116
Or email: info@positivechangeconsultancy.com

For Volunteer Opportunities please click here!

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