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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wish me luck!!

I am delivering my first 4sight at my 4N meeting next week.  I'm a little bit nervous as I'm trying to deliver a taster of a 2 hour workshop in 10 minutes and I hope it will come across well.

I'd love for all my fellow 4N'ers to join me at our friendly Romford meeting on the 24th of February.  I am going to be running a taster of a coaching tool we use called the 'Wheel of Life'.

It is a very interactive 4sight where you will take 10 minutes out of your busy and grueling schedule to focus on yourself.  We often use the Wheel of Life in our coaching sessions, at the beginning of one day workshops and as a standalone mini 2 hour workshop.

You will be able to take away the concept of this simple but effective tool and use it in you day to day life to get a snap shot of how your work/life balance is and maybe identify areas you would like to focus and improve.

Look forward to seeing you all there!!


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